My Spiritual Awakening Experience and 10 Signs You’re Experiencing It Too.

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There isn’t a definite explanation on what a spiritual awakening is but if I were to sum it up in my words, I would describe it as the process of a shift to higher consciousness. During this time, you realize a lot of things and this is the first of many connections to your higher self. I wouldn’t necessarily equate this experience to “enlightenment” but rather a path that will eventually lead you here. For this week’s blog post, I’m going to talk about my spiritual awakening experience and the 10 common signs that you may be experiencing as well.

My Spiritual Awakening

My spiritual journey started about two and half years ago. At the time, I was 18 and just starting my freshman year in college. I was hopeful and excited because I was ready to start new chapter in my life and see where it would take me. During this time, I had decided to go out of state for college and I was also on the volleyball team there. I was ready for the season and to experience a different environment. What I thought would be one of the best years of my life turned out to be the worst. It wasn’t how I envisioned it. Although in some aspects volleyball was great experience for me, deep down I was unhappy. I was struggling academically and just felt so lost. After the spring semester, I had decided to transfer schools. And I thought that maybe this transition was a good thing and that I would have a better time adjusting. Fast forward to the fall semester of 2016, things didn’t get better. Yet again, I was struggling and was getting frustrated with myself . During that time, I reflected on the events that happened from when this started to that point. And that’s when I start diving into spiritual and metaphysical teachings to figure out what was wrong. And this was the moment where I had my spiritual awakening. I realized that the reason that I was so unhappy and unfulfilled was because I was minimizing myself to others and neglecting my needs. I had realized that I was living a lie and that 90% of the beliefs I held up to that point didn’t reflect me and were serving me negatively. From that point on, I knew I had do a lot of soul work so I could discover who I am. Now, I’m 21 and when I look back at those events, I have immense gratitude. Because if it weren’t for those events, I wouldn’t be the person I am today. Just because I’ve had my awakening doesn’t mean the journey has ended. Yes, I still have painful moments and I still struggle but the biggest thing is recognizing those emotions and seeing the good and bad from every circumstance that has come my way. The journey isn’t supposed to be easy, its supposed to challenge us for our growth. Everything the Universe has set on your lap is meant to make you stronger and wiser. There are no mistakes, only hidden blessings that will certainly reveal themselves when the time comes.

 10 Signs of Experiencing A Spiritual Awakening 

After reading my story you may be thinking, how do I know if I’m having a spiritual awakening? Although there are many symptoms and situations that show up during this time, I’m going to list 10 of the common ones that I identified with when I experienced mine.

  1. You feel like you’ve lived a false identity.
  • This was one of the revelations I had before I had my spiritual awakening. Everything that I had been used to suddenly stopped resonating with me. And I got tired of just tolerating what I didn’t like and decided that I would live my life based on my own expectations, not my family, peers, or what society expected from me.

2.  You’re looking for purpose in your life.

  • When I hit one of many crossroads in my life, I was looking for the meaning of my suffering. I got tired of just hoping for the best and really wanted to dissect the connection between the decisions I’ve made to outcomes I’ve manifested. I started getting curious and that is how I delved into metaphysical books, videos, and documentaries.

3.  You feel lost in your path.

  • During this time, I was facing rejection after rejection and felt frustrated and upset with myself.  After the various routes I pursued didn’t work, I felt uncertain where my path would be heading. Even today, I’m still uncertain on the path that I  am meant to take but I’ve learned to embrace that uncertainty and really listen to my intuition as well as the Universe and just stay present. The first thing I did was map out what I’ve desire in my life and through circumstances divinely planned from the Universe, I will take inspired action to get there.

4.  You’ve identified the deep- rooted truth behind the illusions of society.

  •  When I got to a point where I didn’t resonate with societal expectations, that’s when I really started to think about the beliefs and standards that are projected onto us. What we see in the media can be completely congruent to its reality. For instance, the media’s obsession of what defines beauty couldn’t be more misconstrued. I’m not shaming anyone who has gotten plastic surgery or uses excessive makeup because people do it for their personal reasons as it aligns with their values and beliefs. The biggest thing I’ve realized that life isn’t as always as it seems. You don’t know what happens behind closed doors to produce that result.

5.   You start feeling more empathetic.

  • Before my spiritual journey, I already knew I was a sensitive person but it definitely heightened during and after my spiritual awakening. I would say I was still a nice person but I definitely was open to more perspectives and treated everyone no matter who they were with respect. As you start experiencing your hardships, it really puts things into perspective. As a result of my own ignorance, painful experiences and unpleasant circumstances really brought me back to balance and forced me to face the things I resented and judged in others. This also taught me that every person we see is a mirror. When you criticize them, you’re criticizing yourself. By being empathetic and seeing the situation from both sides, you’re treat yourself and others with more compassion. We are al human beings fighting our own battles and balancing our energies through the contracts we made before incarnating (if you’re confused on what I’ve just said here, I did a post last week on soul contracts and touched a bit on this topic.)

6.  You’re practicing solitude. 

  • I’ve always been a recluse but during this process, I spent a lot of time researching and learning about why I felt the way I did. I recommend when you’re going through a spiritual awakening and starting on your journey, that you keep it private. The reason I say this is that many people may not understand what you’re doing and may be quick to call it “woo woo” or “witchcraft”. Everyone learns in their pace and you have to remember that seeking spiritual meaning may not be part of their contract in this lifetime.

7.  You are searching for truth.

  • When I reached the point that I was committed to pursuing my spiritual journey, I promised myself one thing: that whatever I pursued had to resonate with my truth. And with my journey of self- discovery I felt compelled to learn the truth about everything that I’ve been exposed to.

8.  You are experiencing episodes of anxiety and depression.

  • I’ve experienced anxiety and depression since I was an adolescent. I still do today. But I do believe this was one of the main triggers for my spiritual awakening.

9.  You are start using your intuition.

  • Once you discover the power of your inner knowing, you start utilizing more. You start listening to the voice in your head and act on whatever your higher self is telling you.

10.  You open your heart to love unconditionally.

  • As you start breaking down your walls, not only do you love yourself unconditionally, you start to accept others without judgement. In my experience, I felt more compassionate and more open to thinking about the positive in a person rather than just jumping straight to the negative.


I hope you learned something through my spiritual awakening story and the 10 signs of a spiritual awakening. If you’ve experienced a spiritual awakening or think you may be at the moment, I would love to hear your story. Fill out the contact form below to directly get in touch with me and if you feel inspired to, share your story. I love hearing about other people’s perspectives and insights on the things they’ve experienced. Thank you for supporting this blog by reading my weekly posts. I receive many messages from those who really resonate with the content and it means the world to me. The purpose of site is to teach and inspire people to live in accordance to their values throughout their spiritual journey. As always, if you have any suggestions for what you would like me to cover on this blog or even have a question you would like for me to answer, don’t hesitate to contact me as well. And if you are a new visitor and enjoy these posts, please subscribe to the blog! Have a great weekend.







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