Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies 

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The core of our being requires the divine balance of the masculine and feminine energies. But as we’ve seen in this day and age, this idea of one-sideness has been promoted and many see it as one or the other instead of having both. When we shift to one side and neglect the other, we create imbalance in our lives. We either become the oppressor or the oppressed, acting out of insecurity and attracting more dysfunctional cirucmstances into our lives. To experience optimal spiritual enlightenment throughout your journey, you have to incorporate both masculine and feminine energy in the process of ascension.

The Masculine Energy

The masculine energy symbolizes characteristics that would be found in the left brain. It represents competition, rational thinking, leadership, and determination. This is the energy that fuels our ambition as well as the outcome. When used correctly, the masculine energy displays strength and conviction to one’s word without the act of manipulation or ego. This is an energy that stands for what they believe in and understand the power of unity and the act of creating something that is bigger than oneself. An unhealthy use of the masculine energy leads to stagnancy, with the fear of failure and also acts as a bully.

The Feminine Energy

The feminine energy symbolizes characteristics that would be found in the right brain. It represents intuition, compassion, creativity, empathy, collaboration, and spiritual thought. This the energy that fuels love and understanding and what could be behind many of those taking a recent interest in metaphysics or other areas of spirituality.  When used correctly, one is self-aware and listens to what their body tells them. An unhealthy use of the energy results in discernment.

Balancing the Masculine and Feminine Energy

The best way to balance both these energies to become aware of them. Do a self-reflection and see which areas you showcase masculine and feminine sides and create a plan where you can incorporate these characteristics. Better yet, if you can identify situations where you were displaying the unhealthy effects of displaying one side over the other, that can also make you see where certain areas of your life may be imbalanced. One method I absolutely recommend to get in touch with your inner wisdom and may make it easier to showcase both energies is through meditation. Find a guided meditation on Youtube and use it to practice being present with your emotions.

I hope this week’s topic provided value and if you have any questions or suggestions on what I should cover in future blog posts, you can reach me here. Have a great rest of the week.



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