5 Ways To Effectively Manage Your Emotions

During the last couple of months, we were dealing with the elevation of positive and negative emotions. We know that emotional instability has always been an issue we have had to deal with but in this period we felt like it intensified. We have various grounding techniques we use to get back into alignment, one of them being our self-care routine. This week, we felt inspired to talk about the five strategies we use to manage our emotions to facilitate the healing process.

  1) Take a deep breath and reflect.

  • When we feel angry, upset, or frustrated about an outcome or situation, we step back and take deep breaths. To avoid doing something that you may regret at the heat of the moment, bring yourself back to a state where you are able to think carefully. Reflect on the situation that has been presented to you and try to see both sides.

 2)  Write it out.

  • A useful way to express your emotions without violence is writing it down. Get a piece of paper or use your laptop or phone and write down what you are feeling. It doesn’t have to make sense or be in complete sentences. This is something we have recently implemented because we have found that we are able to understand how we are feeling, leading me to find a solution.

 3)  Practice your self-care routine.

  • If you read our post on creating a self-care routine which you can find here, another way to cool off is implementing a practice from your routine. Get your mind off the stress for the moment and focus on something that makes you feel good. You will find that you can go back to the issue or situation with a clear head and open mind for a resolution.

4)   Seek out support.

  • You may find it helpful to talk it through with family or friends. But if you don’t feel comfortable discussing this matter with those close to you or if they may be the reason behind your emotions, there are many different ways you can receive support. There are many online communities in forums that tailor to various things. And there are many books and videos that talk about dealing with issues that you may be facing as well as helpline support.

5)  Express the emotions that you want to receive.

  • If you want to receive more empathy from others, display this emotion with others. This could be in the form of listening or donating to an important cause whether it is monetary or with your time. If you want to receive love, be more loving towards others and show kindness. Whatever you give will come back to you.







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