Spiritual Bypassing

Learning spiritual lessons and applying them in your life can result in huge shifts for the better. But is there such a thing as consuming too much information on spirituality? With many of the concepts you’ve been exposed to or will soon be shown if you are still in the beginning stages of your journey, the underlying principle is the same: staying positive. While we do believe in the power of positivity, we also think that it can be dangerous in some situations as well. You might be wondering why we are saying this because we are told to always be positive no matter the circumstance. This idea of holding onto spiritual ideas as a clutch to avoid unresolved trauma whether it be mental or physical is called spiritual bypassing. We have done this many times during our journey, especially during the beginning because we were taking in so much information, thinking it was “right” way to cope with the problems we have had in the past.  We consider spiritual bypassing as an easy way for you to get through your trauma without actually going through the necessary healing process to fully to come terms with the situation.
Many people have this idea that the spiritual journey is a positive slope and after they have their awakening experience, that the hurt they’ve experienced will go away permanently. Speaking on behalf of our experience, we would say this is quite the opposite. Because we have these expectations of how this journey is supposed to be, we end up moving away from the real purpose of why we practice spirituality itself. The reality is meditation and positive mantras will not be the remedy for most severe situations. Yes, you will continue to have breakdowns, cry yourself to sleep, doubt the progress you’ve made for the past few months or years, or feel like quitting altogether. You will feel the lowest lows and the highest highs. And it is all part of the process.
The most important thing about pursuing this spiritual journey is to always recognize the inner wisdom you have within yourself. While it is great to keep seeking out information and learning new things, remember that you always have the answer. One of the things we have recently learned about ourselves through this journey and something that we are still continuing to implement is learning to trust ourselves.  We were seeking information from different guru’s thinking that they had the answer to our suffering. But the truth was, we did. Listening to our intuition and journaling our emotions was a huge release for us and were more powerful than what any spiritual talk could give me.
The purpose of this journey is to confront and tackle your darkest emotions to heal. Running from your trauma defeats the purpose of pursuing spirituality in the first place. Don’t use the excuse of “being in a low vibration” deter you from doing so. You won’t be positive all the time. Being in a state of balance means experiencing good and bad feelings so you become appreciative of both.
We would like to know about your experiences with spiritual bypassing and how you’ve overcome it or plan on doing so. Thank you for reading this week’s blog post and if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to leave a comment below or contact us privately. And if you enjoy reading content like this, be sure to subscribe to receive notifications on when a new post is up. Have a great weekend.



  1. You’re spot on! What I have to make clear is that we can EMBODY positive outlook towards life only when we’ve been through the depths of our suffering and pain. I do not promote pain but there’s no other way to achieve happiness, there’s no shortcuts Trust the process, trust yourself, as you say. ❤

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