The Importance of Self Reflection and 5 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

Constantly reflecting on what we have accomplished has become a practice that has helped us immensely in my spiritual journey. Doing this has allowed us to gain clarity and make changes when needed. The best way to learn is through trial and error and being able to do a self-reflection has helped us do that. For this week, we are going to go over five questions that we ask ourselves to stay on track and measure our progress.

  1. Am I being productive with my time?
  • How you utilize your time is critical in pursuing your goals. If you want to lose weight or become more active but you use that time to binge watch television shows on Netflix or Hulu, then there is a disconnection between your expectations and the reality. Anything that you desire takes time. And the key to that success lies in your daily routine.

2.   Is what I’m pursuing or doing reflective of my values system?

  • Your “why” is a huge component on constructing and setting out to reach a goal. Ask yourself, what is the intention of having this desired result? Does it reflect upon my values and beliefs? Am I doing this to impress others? Am I doing this because my family or peers have pressured me to do so? Make sure you are doing something because it is what YOU believe in.

3.  Has the practice I’ve implemented been effective? If so, how? And what isn’t working?

  • Whichever system you decided to implement needs to be evaluated after a certain period of time. If your goal was to read one book a month, an ideal system to help you get there is to set a goal of how many pages you would read each day or certain days of the week to finish it by the end of the month. If you were setting this goal in June and the book is 300 pages, that means you would have to dedicate 30 days to read at least ten pages a day which is feasible depending on your schedule. However, after practicing this system, you can find that reading every day could be a problem if your schedule is changing and you have other obligations to attend to. You could either read more but limit the days you read the book or maybe extend the time you spend on a book from one month to a month and a half or even two. It’s all about figuring out what works for you and creating solutions when changes come up.

4.  What have I been grateful for so far in my journey? 

  • Having gratitude is the key to understanding points from a different perspective. Ask yourself, what have I been thankful for so far in your journey? Maybe you learned how to manage your emotions effectively after lashing out to a friend or family, recognizing your angry mood swings or emotion when confronted about a specific subject. Or maybe you learned the power of patience and that each step is an integral process to the journey of the outcome. There are hidden lessons that are in your everyday routine.

5.  What is my five-year vision and how does this goal integrate with that? 

  • While the goal is a great thing and the step that can create shifts in your life, the most important thing is the integration of this goal towards your grand vision. Keep reaffirming yourself how this desire serves as part of your primary purpose on Earth. And if you are still unsure of your primary purpose here on Earth, start crafting your grand vision around the goal you have decided to pursue. Always be thinking of the big picture and never stop striving even after you’ve met your goals.



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