The Practical Guide To Spirituality

According to Google, the definition of spirituality is “the quality of being concerned with the human spirit or soul as opposed to material or physical things”. This concept is subjective and is a reflection of the aspects of life that are the most important to you.
What Motivates Someone To Seek Out Spirituality?

Many embark on the spiritual journey to achieve







Are Religion and Spirituality The Same?
Yes and no. Deepak Chopra once said that “religion is a belief in someone else’s experiences and spirituality is having your own experience”.  We will first address how religion and spirituality have their differences. The five reasons why both concepts aren’t necessarily the same is because………..
1. Religion is fear based using dogma, which are ideologies that you must follow in order to experience the love of God. Spirituality allows you to find your truth without obligations and repercussions.

2. Religion calls for obedience to your religious leader and the scripture. Spirituality encourages you to utilize your inner wisdom and find your voice.

3. Religion promotes indoctrination which creates emotional strains. This causes one to question whether “God” loves them after committing a “sinful” act and constantly thinking someone is watching you. Spirituality teaches you the power of liberation and honoring the god in you.

4. Religion associates wrongdoing with punishment whereas spirituality associates wrongdoing with karma.

5. Religion preaches only one path to experience God’s love. Spirituality creates the freedom to walk your own path.
Despite their harsh differences, there are many aspects in which religion and spirituality are the same. Here are the five reasons why.
1. They both believe in a higher power behind themselves.

2. They both give the opportunity to have a relationship with their higher power.

3. They both have practices and routines. With religion this includes fasting, reading scripture, or participating in the church as well as bible study. With spirituality, this includes yoga or meditation.

4. They both recognize the sacredness of the world.

5. They both present fear of failure.

Can Religion and Spirituality Co-Exist?
Absolutely, what you will find is that many uses the principles learned from spirituality and integrate it with their religious practices. The main goal of both religion and spirituality is integration. It is taking these ancient practices and lessons and using them as tools in your life.

Our Five Most Important Spiritual Truths To Live An Authentic Life
Throughout our journey, we have found that going through the experience of using religion as a means to build a spiritual foundation to then transitioning out of that into the world of spirituality has allowed me to become more receptive to my surroundings. And we have learned so much about ourselves as well as the ancient practices that we will continue to implement in our own life. Here are our five most important spiritual truths.
1. Always have gratitude.

Throughout the last two and half years,  we have dealt with many hardships that chased us to reflect from within and question our beliefs. We have experienced highest highs and the lowest lows, and from these circumstances, we have learned to be grateful. In every situation, we found the positive even if we didn’t believe it at first. Everything that happens to you isn’t to punish you but rather drive you in a direction that you were destined in.
2. Your breakdown leads to your breakthrough.

Hitting rock bottom provides you the opportunity to build a better and stronger foundation than ever before. This is what we have learned when encountering this place many times. In order to reach success, you’re going to fail at least once.
3. You create your own moral compass.

You set the expectations for yourself. Not your parents, peers, or society. As long as you know that whatever you do to others you do to yourself and vice versa, you are equipped with the capabilities of following your own path and creating your own rules.
4. There is no separation.

The idea of seeing someone as different as you are an illusion. The reason we seek identification for all things is that our mind likes to rationalize. We create meaning out of fear of the unknown. Learn to see the world as your mirror.
5. When you heal the broken parts of yourself, your purpose will be revealed.

The moment we reveal what’s broken inside of us and take the path towards healing is when we will have clarity see our life purpose. Think of this as a blessing in disguise.
Spirituality in a Nutshell

Whether you noticed this or not, when reading this post the reoccurring principle behind the lesson’s is this: seeing and believing in your own experiences. There is no wrong practice spirituality. It’s not limited to yoga, meditation, reading scripture, or chanting mantras. Spirituality is going to the grocery store, exercising, reading a book, or dancing along to music in your room. Everything and anything is the manifestations of spirituality. It’s a continuous practice throughout our lives that recognizes the balance needed to craft our desired experiences.

– yourhigherself


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