The Three Biggest Myths About Pursuing Your Spiritual Journey

When starting on the spiritual journey, many people have preconceptions and expectations of what this journey entails. We talked about one of the many problems one could encounter in their journey which is spiritual bypassing (the link to that post can be viewed here).

Myth #1 : You can’t be negative at all.

  • After the awakening process, most people feel a sense of revitalization in their self as well as their purpose and start on the spiritual journey with the expectation of being positive all the time. This is not possible. We live in a world where we are exposed to duality, meaning we have to experience bad days in order appreciate the good days. Most people fear the idea of being negative because by dwelling on this frequency, they make themselves a match to situations that center around this theme. The important thing to remember is that we are human and we are allowed to feel angry, upset, or frustrated about the situations we confront in our lives. This is one of the important places that serve as a catalyst to our healing. And the more we resist the emotions, the more they amplify.

Myth #2 : Once you’ve aligned with your purpose, the path to your destination is relatively easy.

  • When you feel aligned and trust the journey you’re on, this can give you clarity in your purpose but it does not excuse you from experiencing trials and tribulations. Yes, you will fail. Yes, you may doubt your purpose and wonder if it’s time to give up. That’s all part of the process. The destination isn’t the most important part of the journey, it’s everything that will get you to that end result. So try to embrace the mini milestones and setbacks you experience in the process. You’ll become that much stronger and wiser.

Myth #3 : “You’re not spiritual if you don’t……”

  • This is a common one. Many people associate people being spiritual as those who live as “pure” as possible. Meaning they don’t eat meat, watch or listen to certain things, and don’t swear. You create and hold the moral compass. The idea of “superiority” could be farther from the truth. Release the judgment and understand that “spirituality” is subjective. Everyone has their own individual journey and lessons they are meant to experience in this lifetime.




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