Spirit Guides

Spirit guides are entities that are assigned to us before our incarnation to serve as our protectors or counselors. They make sure that we are on track to fulfill our karmic obligations that we made for this lifetime. Many of us have more than one guide that has stayed with us for hundreds of years while some of us have guides who come in every now and then for a specific period of time. Some spirit guides are very advanced (think of ascended masters) or provide extensive knowledge and experience in a certain area of life. And some identity as male or female or don’t resonate with a specific gender.  These beings may be part of our soul family perhaps a relative or spouse in a past life although the chances of this are slim.

Types of Spirit Guides

Spirit guides come in various forms and serve different purposes in our lives. They are unique to your purpose and are here to guide you through the challenges you may face in your life. Here are the types of guides that you’ve likely been exposed to

  1. Primary Spirit Guide
  • This guide has been with you since your very first incarnation. If you’ve requested a reading from an intuitive or psychic, this the guide that is usually present.


2.  Common Spirit Guides

  • These guides are here to help you navigate through your problems and provide wisdom when asked.


3.  Protector Guides

  • These guides have a strong character and match the ancestry you’ve incarnated into. Although most are human, many come in the form of animals such as lions or panthers. These are the spirits you call upon when needing strength and courage.


4.  Gate Keeper Guides

  • These guides are very similar to protector guides but they deal with the spirit world. These are the guides that make sure you are communicating with the highest vibrating beings and serve as means for psychic protection.


5.  Message Bearer Guides

  • These guides help us obtain information as well as helping us in deciphering messages from spirit. If you’re clairaudient or clairvoyant, this is the type of guide you are most likely working with.


6.  Healing Guides

  • These guides are here to console in the path for spiritual, emotional, and physical health. If you are in the medical profession or are practicing a healing modality, these guides are meant to help in this area.


7.   Teacher Guides

  • These guides serve the purpose for spiritual growth. They act as the “intuition” that leads us to choose specific books or classes to further our spiritual growth. They help us understand the philosophical text and principles that we come across during our spiritual journey.


8.   Joy Guides

  • These guides are here to give us joy (hence the name!), happiness, and laughter in our lives. They are here to remind us not to take life too seriously and express gratitude for all things.


How Do Spirit Guides Communicate With Us?

Because spirit guides are so present in our lives, they have many ways of making their presence known, whether we recognize it or not. Here are some of the ways they send us messages


  • If you see repeating numbers such as 222 or 444 or a familiar song playing at various places you’ve visited, take note of these “coincidences”. Your guides are trying to get your attention.

Following your gut

  • Sometimes you receive a gut feeling about going to an event last minute or backing out of a prior commitment with your friends but you just can’t explain the reason. That’s your spirit guide at work.


  • When you receive messages in your head that may seem like they are out of the blue, more times than not, it’s one of your spirit guides transmitting messages to you. Listen to your intuition as it provides valuable information that can impact your growth for the better.


  • Spirit guides often communicate with other guides in sending specific people in your life. This is very common when meeting romantic partners or friends that you will share a lifetime with. For instance, you may be thinking about a friend you haven’t talked to in years and then you see at a local coffee shop or at the supermarket. Again, it is the spirit guides at work.


  • Spirit guides are always with you when making difficult or life changing decisions. Or sometimes they orchestrate specific arrangements that may be blessings in disguises, although you wouldn’t recognize it as such at first. For example, you may have misplaced your wallet and you were running late to an important event with your friends or family. Then you later find that there was a bad accident on the route you take that left many people in critical condition and a few people dead. You would feel grateful that you misplaced your wallet the time you did because you might have been in that accident. So when you feel like it’s one problem after the other, try to see it from a different perspective and know it’s for your divine growth.


How Do I Communicate With My Spirit Guides?

It’s important for you to know that while spirit guides can intervene at any point in our lives, we have to initiate the relationship so it gives them permission to do so. Your spirit guides are resources that you should utilize in all aspects of your life, not just in the bad times. Here are some ways you can introduce yourself to your spirit guides and make the first connection


  • Taking note of your thoughts is a great way for you receive intuitive wisdom from your spirit guides. This is a practice that we have recently adopted that has been useful.

 Consult a psychic

  • There are many psychics you can utilize to make the connection with your spirit guides. Find a spiritual advisor that you resonate with and see if they offer readings. Fiverr is a great place to start.

Set the intention

  • Be clear in what you want to ask from your guides. If you’re too general, they may not be able to help. Have clarity and don’t try to rush the process.

Release expectations

  • Having expectations, especially with meeting your spirit guide will likely leave you disappointed. You won’t be able to communicate with your guides right away. But you must be persistent. Get in the habit of operating out of intention and letting go of any expectations that you have about the first few meetings.


  • Search on Youtube for ” Meet Your Spirit Guides Meditation” to find meditations that are suited for communicating with your spirit guides. These are great because the intention is already there and all you have to do is quiet your mind and stay present which we have to admit is to still quite difficult for us. Set a meditation routine to practice quieting your mind.

Have a sacred space

  • Create a sacred space for you to communicate with your guides, whether it be for intuitive writing or meditating. It could be in your room, at the park, the library, or a Pinterest board where you are pinning spiritual content. The important thing is to make sure your mind is in a state where it is receptive to messages from spirit.






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