Spiritual Bypassing

Learning spiritual lessons and applying them in your life can result in huge shifts for the better. But is there such a thing as consuming too much information on spirituality? With many of the concepts you've been exposed to or will soon be shown, if you are still in the beginning stages of your journey, … Continue reading Spiritual Bypassing

Creating A Self Care Routine

Throughout my journey, I've learned and understood the importance of having a self care routine. This is a practice I incorporate during my days and use as a way of getting myself back into alignment. For this week, I'm going to talk about the different aspects that should make up a self care routine with … Continue reading Creating A Self Care Routine

21 Things I’ve Learned Throughout My Spiritual Journey

Since starting my journey two and half years ago after having my spiritual awakening experience (which you can read about here), I have learned so much about myself. And last month I turned 21. So for this week, I decided to list 21 things I've learned in my spiritual journey so far. Everything takes time.   … Continue reading 21 Things I’ve Learned Throughout My Spiritual Journey

Dealing With Addiction

Addiction is still a huge problem that many people face and I'm sure everyone has an experience with, whether it be yourself or seeing it in friends or families. According to DrugFree.org, over 23 million American are suffering with addiction to alcohol or drugs. Many people often wonder why one could become addicted and may … Continue reading Dealing With Addiction

Getting Real About Judgement

Judgement is something we all do whether we are aware of it or not. Every time we perceive or rationalize our surroundings, we are creating judgement. When we give recommendations and talk about our experiences, we are utilizing judgement.  It is vital in our thought process and gives identity to people, places, and nature. Most … Continue reading Getting Real About Judgement

Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies 

*Image found on thesoulmatrix.com The core of our being requires the divine balance of the masculine and feminine energies. But as we've seen in this day and age, this idea of one-sideness has been promoted and many see it as one or the other instead of having both. When we shift to one side and … Continue reading Balancing Masculine and Feminine Energies 

Three Documentaries That Were Valuable On My Journey

On top of reading many books about metaphysics and consciousness, documentaries were also vital in my process of learning. For this week, I'm going to list three of the many documentaries that facilitated the process of my spiritual journey. The Secret I listed this book on a previous post but I had initially watch documentary … Continue reading Three Documentaries That Were Valuable On My Journey

Soul Contracts, Karmic Debt, and Having Free Will

A soul contract is an agreement we've made before incarnating on Earth. In this contract, we determine the time, date, location, race, gender, and lessons we learn to further our expansion and growth. We even choose our parents in our lifetime. If we were responsible for making this decision, why don't we remember it? Well, … Continue reading Soul Contracts, Karmic Debt, and Having Free Will