Soul Contracts, Karmic Debt, and Having Free Will

A soul contract is an agreement we've made before incarnating on Earth. In this contract, we determine the time, date, location, race, gender, and lessons we learn to further our expansion and growth. We even choose our parents in our lifetime. If we were responsible for making this decision, why don't we remember it? Well, … Continue reading Soul Contracts, Karmic Debt, and Having Free Will

Ego vs. The Soul

The ego and the soul have a distinctive relationship. Many spiritual teachers speak of the ego as something to be unfavorable and should be removed. While I do agree with this, I also believe in the Law of duality and that the ego and soul work together to serve as a catalyst for our growth. … Continue reading Ego vs. The Soul


The process of anchoring, according to NLPU, is the association of an internal response to an external trigger that is routine. This was a technique that was identified in Pavlov's experiment between the correlation of  bell ringing to the salivating dog. If you think about it, we all have anchors that happen in our mind subconsciously and there are found … Continue reading Anchors

The Importance Of Self Love

Self Love: regard for one's own happiness and advantage. Being comfortable and happy with yourself should be your top priority. Because if we don't feel confident in our body, how do we expect others to treat us the same? Self love is knowing who you are and owning the unique qualities that make you, you.  And there is … Continue reading The Importance Of Self Love

Support And Challenge

In all areas of our lives, we will confront circumstances in which we are supported and challenged. If you've read some of my posts I have on Instagram (the page is @yourhigherself), you will see from time to time I do touch on the topics of balance. In order to have appreciation for the "good" and … Continue reading Support And Challenge