21 Things I’ve Learned Throughout My Spiritual Journey

Since starting my journey two and half years ago after having my spiritual awakening experience (which you can read about here), I have learned so much about myself. And last month I turned 21. So for this week, I decided to list 21 things I've learned in my spiritual journey so far. Everything takes time.   … Continue reading 21 Things I’ve Learned Throughout My Spiritual Journey

Dealing With Addiction

Addiction is still a huge problem that many people face and I'm sure everyone has an experience with, whether it be yourself or seeing it in friends or families. According to DrugFree.org, over 23 million American are suffering with addiction to alcohol or drugs. Many people often wonder why one could become addicted and may … Continue reading Dealing With Addiction

Support And Challenge

In all areas of our lives, we will confront circumstances in which we are supported and challenged. If you've read some of my posts I have on Instagram (the page is @yourhigherself), you will see from time to time I do touch on the topics of balance. In order to have appreciation for the "good" and … Continue reading Support And Challenge

The 7 Chakras and How To Keep Them Balanced

Chakras consist of  7 energetic centers that allow us to transfer and receive energy. They help us keep our bodies in alignment to our emotions. Any imbalances within the 7 chakras can cause sickness and pain to the areas that are affected. This can hinder your process of spiritual growth and even block your ability … Continue reading The 7 Chakras and How To Keep Them Balanced